How To change the Service Console IP settings in a VMWare DRS, HA, VMotion Cluster

September 13, 2010

How To change the Service Console IP settings in a VMWare DRS, HA, VMotion Cluster:
Have Networking change DNS on only one server at a time as you change the IP's and VLAN ID's.
There's no sense disconnecting all of the hosts from VMCenter at the same time. Have someone in Networking available during the whole process. It only takes approx. 2 minutes per each host. A reboot is not required.
1) Put the ESX host into Maintenance Mode (right click host in VMCenter, "Enter Maintenance Mode"). If the cluster node cannot be put into Maintenance Mode because of over provisioning, disconnect it from VMCenter.
Right click host in VMCenter, "Disconnect". All the guests will remain running during this time. You may have to enter the root password when reconnecting the host into the cluster.
2) Wait for all the guests to migrate to another node in the cluster. If disconnected, you cannot migrate any VM's so you must proceed to re-IP the host and change the VLAN ID.
3) Console into the host. Do not use Putty because you will lose connectivity to the host. Use a KVM or local console.
4) Change the Service Console IP and VLAN ID. See steps A thru G below.
Once the VLAN ID for the service console is changed, it will no longer be able to rejoin the cluster untill all ESX hosts in the cluster have the same VLAN ID. (HA requirement)
From KVM or local console on the ESX host:

A) Change IP address:
esxcfg-vswif -i XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX -n vswif0
B) Change Default Gateway on Service Console:
nano -w /etc/sysconfig/network
C) Change VLAN ID to "200" on vSwitch0:
esxcfg-vswitch -v 200 -p "Service Console" vSwitch0
D) Restart networking (or reboot)
service network restart
To view changes reflected in VMCenter,
service mgmt-vmware restart
reboot host
E) Now you must disconnect the host from VMCenter and then re-Connect it by right clicking the host and choosing the disconnect and then the connect option. This is only if you did not have to disconnect the host earlier.
F) Right click host and Exit Maintenance Mode in VMCenter
G) Make sure Cluster DRS, HA and VMotion are all re-enabled after all hosts are done.

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