vRealize Automation 7.x Fix Snapshot operation in progress

August 4, 2016

vRealize Automation 7.x hung process cleanup Snapshot operation in progress…

1) Stop all DEM related services on the IaaS server (so no new requests can enter IaaS)

2) Run backup on the vRA database - can right-click the vra database in SQL and choose Backup

3) Run query to check for pending actions:

Select * from [dbo].[WorkflowOperations]

4) View results: validate IDs

5) After validation, delete the workflow operation by its ID.

Delete from [dbo].[WorkflowOperations] where Id = WorkflowOperationId


Delete from [dbo].[WorkflowOperations] where Id = 6297

6) Check pending actions:

Select * from [dbo].[WorkflowOperations]

7) Review the failed or hung action item(s) in the vRA tenant’s UI and validate that the message has cleared.

8) Restart the DEM worker services on the IaaS server. I typically do a gratuitous reboot of both vRA and IaaS servers when done.


Refer to VMware kb 2137019 – Note this kb is documented for vRA 6.x


Rob Shaw – 8/4/16

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