Determining the list of users logged in to vRealize Automation 7

March 9, 2016
I was searching for a way to discover which users were currently logged in to our vRealize Automation 7 suite so we could do some maintenenace and found this VMware kb article that was slightly dated but, pointed me in the right direction which was the IaaS database of course.
VMware kb article referenced:
I did a quick sanity check and found the tables referenced no longer existed in the vRA 7 IaaS database but, that there was a table named "UserLog" which had some interesting columns in it.
Note: the "Users" table seems to be a placeholder for all the users that have ever logged into vRA, not all of the Users allowed to log into vRA.
Running this SQL query from the vRA 7 IaaS database will return all the users sorted by date to find current logged in users along with what actions the user(s) performed.
SELECT UserName,Message,Timestamp AS 'Date' from UserLog ORDER BY Timestamp DESC;
Happy hunting!
Rob Shaw

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